The end of the UK three pin plug for charging your gadgets?

Mu plugSometimes it’s the simplest ideas that can be the most innovative. Travelling with UK gadget chargers has always been an awkward business because of the bulky design of the UK three pin plug. It’s an awkward shape and has a habit of sticking its prongs in the wrong places!

Back in 2012 the team at Made in Mind launched the Mu folding plug for charging Mobile phones. I acquired a charger at the time which I carry with me whenever I leave home. It does the job of my iPhone charger with none of the bulk. The prongs pivot to fold flat and the charger closes over them, reducing the size by 70%. It’s simple but revolutionary because it completely changes the dimensions of the standard UK charging plug.

Now Made in Mind has developed the concept further and produced two more versions – a more powerful charger for iPads and other tablets and a charger with two inputs for charging two phones at the same time. These follow the same principle as the original charger with pivoting prongs to save space in your bag. The new chargers work similarly to the chargers supplied with phones and tablets – the tablet version is rated at 5V and 2.4Amp to deliver 12 Watts, similar to an iPad charger, and can also be used to charge phones. You can see the technical specs here.