Telnames Mobile Website Builder

Telnames recently released a new iOS app to allow customers to buy, build and manage their telname .tel website. Whilst it’s always been easy to do this via their website the app makes it even simpler, especially when you want to change contact details on the go.

A telname is a great way for small businesses and individuals to create a simple mobile friendly website with contact details and brief information about the business. Telnames summarises the functionality …

Each telname has one page containing:

  • A short description including your logo or profile picture
  • Up to 20 pieces of contact information (including telephone numbers, email addresses, web links, and social media links)
  • A map and address location
  • An offer where you can describe your goods or services on promotion
  • An image gallery containing up to 5 photos
  • A video displayed on your page
  • A full business profile
  • An additional information section
  • A design wizard to personalize your background image for desktops, iPads and tablets

Have a look at a couple of telnames I’ve created – and

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