Rogers One Number – transforming mobile comms

When I looked at the Rogers One Number service I thought why don’t we have this in the UK. It’s the first new service from a mobile operator I’ve seen in a long time that would make a significant difference to my mobile usage.

One Number lets you use all your mobile services – voice, text, MMS – from your PC or Mac using your mobile number. Video chat is also available if both parties are signed up to One Number. The contact list on your phone and PC is automatically synched. One Number recognises that consumers want the convenience of a single point of connectivity with the convenience of multiple devices.

One Number

The coolest feature is switch call. This lets you switch a call from your PC to your mobile phone or vice versa mid call. So you’re chatting on your mobile when you walk in the door; just switch the call to your PC for a more relaxed chat. You only pay for the mobile portion of the call and the other party is none the wiser!

You can also call any Canadian number using your computer from anywhere in the world for free – brilliant if you’re away on business or holiday.

So how did Rogers launch One Number? They worked with CounterPath who delivered a solution to Rogers that converges voice, video and text on a single number over multiple devices using their Softphone platform.

More info at

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