Maxroam has long been a favourite for global roaming, especially for avoiding outrageous data roaming bills from your home operator.

Today Maxroam has announced their MVNO agreement with Vodafone UK. This gives users similar rates to other UK operators when in the UK and Maxroam’s competitive roaming rates when elsewhere. This is a great product for users who spend a lot of time in the UK as there’s now no need to also have a local SIM card.

Maxroam SIMs are the usual mini SIM size but can easily be snapped into a micro SIM to be compatible with iPhones and iPads. Nice touch and very consumer centric.

According to the Maxroam website UK rates are:

  • Call UK number  –  13p per minute
  • Call rest of world  –  13p per minute
  • Send SMS to UK number  –  10p
  • Send SMS to rest of world  –  10p

Data is charged at:

  • 250MB – £5.02
  • 500B – £8.36
  • 1GB – £15.05

More information from Maxroam here.

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