It’s time for Apple to fix the iPhone WiFi login process

Every device has the odd feature that frustrates and for me it’s WiFi on the iPhone. At home WiFi works fine after the initial setup to connect for the first time because no additional login credentials are needed. However using public WiFi hotspots is an annoying experience involving a trip to Safari each time to enter ID and password. 

My favourite public WiFi is The Cloud and I regularly use it in coffee shops. However because of the success of The Cloud in adding hotspots I often find when I’m out and about my iPhone has automatically connected to The Cloud and because I haven’t entered my ID and password the iPhone can’t make a data connection. I then have to either stop and login or turn off WiFi – neither of which is satisfactory for a quick data connection. 

Apple needs to allow users to save their login credentials for recognised hotspots so the whole login process is automated and seamless. From a consumer experience perspective the existing process is very ‘un-Apple’. 

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