Waterfield – my favourite gadget bags

I’ve been a huge fan of Waterfield gadget bags for a couple of years. The cases are made in San Francisco and are designed for a wide range of devices, with a particular emphasis on Apple products. The Waterfield brand has a relatively low profile in the UK as there are no local sales outlets. However Waterfield are happy to ship to the UK and offer a range of delivery options.

iPad Travel Express

Not being a big fan of the cases Apple makes for the iPad I took a look at the huge range Waterfield has. My personal favourites are the iPad Travel Express and the iPad Slip Case.

The iPad Travel Express comes in a single size which fits the iPad, iPad 2 or iPad Case with Smart Cover. The case is designed to also accommodate additional small devices and accessories, like your wireless keyboard, iPhone, cables and charger. When you order the case you can choose from a range of options including the trim colour and a shoulder strap. One issue I did notice is that because a UK mains plug is quite wide it doesn’t fit in the case as well as I imagine a US mains plug would.

iPad Slip Case

The iPad Slip Case is smaller and when ordering you choose the exact size for your iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 2 with Smart Cover. One side of the case contains a sheet of impact resistant plastic to protect the iPad screen. Again, when ordering you have a choice of colours. The Slip Case is designed to be carried on its own or perhaps inside your laptop bag.

The manufacturing quality is excellent and the pricing competitive. So next time you’re looking for a gadget bag, make sure you check out Waterfield.

You can follow Waterfield on Twitter at @sfbags

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