Bababoo – calling with a difference

Last week Bababoo appeared in the iPhone app store. The guys at Bababoo had previously been kind enough to give me a beta account and some calling credit to have a play with their new voice app. There are lots of calling apps already available but Bababoo has some nice twists that merit a closer look. Bababoo is a smart calling app that will deliver your calls via the cheapest route using WiFi, 3G data or your regular mobile call plan. As always the big savings are when making international calls.

According to Bababoo, trial customers were able to save money by routing calls via Bababoo and dropping down to a cheaper mobile call plan with their existing provider.

Quick summary of the key features:

  • The call dialer looks just like the iPhone dialer you’re already used to.
  • You can set the CLI (phone number) you present, to your existing mobile number or any other number you can receive a verification call on.
  • Use the Bababoo call dialer for all calls and if they can’t be delivered via Bababoo, you see the option to use your regular mobile service.
  • Group calling is available as standard.
  • SMS and voicemail are coming later in the year.

I keep a few calling apps on my iPhone and Bababoo is definitely here to stay.

Have a look at this video for more information.

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