sets the standard for VoIP over 3G

My friends at recently set me up with an account so I could take a look at their latest service.’s focus is on the US market and the inbound number the account came with is a US number. There is an option to add local phone numbers in other countries for an additional fee. Using in the UK is no problem – just remember to prefix every UK call with +44.

I’m using on my iPhone 4 and first impressions are excellent. I expected call quality over WiFi to be good but have been very impressed just how good it is over 3G. Last week I made a couple of calls standing in a busy London street; first call using over 3G and then using regular 3G cellular. The call was easily the clearer of the two calls and this behaviour has been repeated with other calls.

Changing your phone number is always a pain and offers full local and cellular number porting to its US customers; so you can have your primary number hosted by them and receive your calls on their service. offers a suite of products to meet all customer requirements – business, consumer, mobile. Pricing is based on the products and packages that meet your requirements. The list of features is huge and my favorites include time of day routing, call forwarding to multiple numbers and call blocking. Also good to see support for iNum (something I’ll return to).

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