Freetalk Handsfree – top new iPhone headset

My friends at Comunicano recently sent me Freetalk’s new Handsfree headset to have a look at. I’ve used a number of Freetalk headsets and webcams in the past and they’ve always been great devices; the Freetalk Handsfree is no exception. It’s designed for use with mobile devices, in particular the iPhone, as well as being optimised for Skype on your PC or Mac and uses a standard 3.5mm jack.

The audio quality is excellent and because it’s an in-ear headset, it’s much more comfortable to wear than the headset Apple puts in the iPhone box. Operation is simple, with a button on the microphone unit for answering and ending calls. The headset comes with a useful carry case and a selection of different size and texture ear buds.

At £50.95 from the Skype store, the price seems about average for this type of headset.

The Freetalk Handsfree has become my headset of choice for chatting on my iPhone and I never use the standard one now.

A nice touch is the inclusion of a sachet of Cyber Clean in the carry case. Cyber Clean is great for picking up and removing dust and gunk from keyboards, headsets and anything else that picks up muck.

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