The challenge of removing a redundant Exchange security policy from my Nokia E72

I recently needed to access my corporate email on my Nokia E72 and added the Exchange account using the pre-installed Mail for Exchange client. As expected, the handset asked me to set an autolock code to comply with the Exchange server security policy. Very simple process end-to-end and the handset immediately synced my email and calendar.

The next day, when I no longer needed Exchange email access I deleted the mailbox (as per Nokia’s instructions). However despite removing the Exchange account, I could not remove the enforced autolock which cut in after 20 minutes. The menu option to change the timeout or remove the autolock was disabled. Searching online I discovered that Nokia’s advice is a hard reset to remove a security policy that is no longer required – not helpful Nokia!

Eventually I came across a suggestion that because the handset can only cope with one Exchange security policy, if I installed another Exchange account with a security policy that did not enforce a security lock, the lock would be disabled. Further research came up with the suggestion to set up an account with I duly did, synced the handset and the lock disappeared! Unbelievable hassle to remove a security policy that was redundant. Very poor user experience from Nokia.

And by the way, the website is in Chinese! Where would we be without Google Translate!

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