First Look: FREETALK Wireless USB Headset for Skype

Originally posted on The Really Mobile Project.

A habit of mine when I’m on the phone is to wander around the house. For some reason I prefer to walk and talk rather than sit in a chair! However with a regular PC headset I’m tethered to the PC and can’t move which is a source of frustration. So when I saw the FREETALK Wireless Headset it seemed like the answer and the team at In Store Solutions kindly sent me one to review.

The headset is optimised for Skype supporting super wideband audio but is also good for listening to music. It comes in a neat carry case and to install just stick the USB adaptor into a spare port and the drivers immediately install. No downloads, no CDs – simple! The headset has a power button, volume controls and a link button for pairing with the USB adaptor. The power button also acts as a mute button with a brief press. A charging cable is also supplied that connects the headset to the USB adaptor. This also allows the headset to be used in corded mode – useful if you find the battery is flat. I’ve used it with Windows but Mac is also supported.
The new FREETALK Wireless Headset for Skype

The new FREETALK Wireless Headset for Skype
Call quality is fantastic – being wireless makes no difference to the quality of Skype calls. Plus, the headset is very comfortable to wear. The range is good and allows me to stay connected a couple of rooms away. The sheer convenience has certainly encouraged me to use Skype even more.
Any complaints? The USB adaptor is a bit chunky, especially on my netbook, and the battery feels like it could last a bit longer. I’d also like to see a standard headset adaptor (like the FREETALK Everyman has) included as well as USB, as this would allow the wireless headset to be used with other devices. I use the Everyman with my iPhone and it’s a great improvement over the standard headset.
Overall this is a great device that makes Skype calling even better and means I can fix myself another Nespresso in the middle of a conference call! Although not cheap at £79.99 from the Skype store, I don’t think anyone buying one will be disappointed.

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