Nokia E72 – shows Nokia is still in the game

I’ve been using the new Nokia E72 for a couple of weeks now and overall I’m impressed. The hardware is excellent – the handset form factor feels just right and apart from a couple of Nokia creaks the build quality is good. The metal surround and battery cover means the handset has a solid feel to it.

The qwerty keypad is a big draw for me and as much as I love my iPhone, a touch screen qwerty keypad just isn’t as good as ‘proper’ keys (in my opinion!). The 5MP camera is significantly better than previous E Series cameras, although not in the same league as some N Series devices.

The Optical NaviKey is an interesting new feature for navigating the screen. It takes a bit of getting used to but with some practice it’s a nice enhancement to the usual ‘click to scroll’ function.

The S60 software does seem a bit dated after using the iPhone but it does the job, suitably enhanced with Handy Taskman. The faster processor seems to make a difference, with much speedier performance than on my previous E Series devices.

A couple of nice E63 features (that weren’t on the E71) have been carried through – the 3.5 mm headset socket (of course!) and the space bar torch feature.

Overall, I think the E72 is a worthy successor to the E71, especially if a decent qwerty keypad is a must for you.

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