Protection for an external hard disk – the LaCie Coat

If like me you regularly carry round an external hard drive with you then it’s good to know it’s well protected. Having recently acquired a new external drive I needed a case to protect it and got hold of the new Coat from LaCie. In common with a number of LaCie products it’s been designed by Sam Hecht which makes the styling a bit more interesting than the average case.

The case is reversible with what looks like neoprene on one side and a suede finish on the other. The neoprene is finished with a bubble effect (I guess Sam Hecht had a hand in this!). It’s very well padded and offers good protection for your drive.

The LaCie website has a useful compatibility chart covering all their hard drive cases to ensure you select the right case for your drive. This includes other hard drive manufacturers which is a nice touch from LaCie and shows they’re after all external hard drive users and not just people with a LaCie drive.

I have to confess that I’m actually keeping a Western Digital hard drive in it at the moment but of course I am now in the market for a LaCie drive!

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