Some thoughts on the Nokia E75

Those friendly people over at WOM World have loaned me the new Nokia E75. When I first saw this handset announced I thought – ‘that’s the one for me’ – and I haven’t been disappointed so far. The E75 form factor is excellent and the build quality, in common with other E Series devices, is reassuringly solid. I love the ‘clunk’ the keypad makes when it slides in and out. One feature that caught my eye is the ability to set an application to open when the keypad slides out. I’ve set mine to launch the web browser which, with as my homepage, means to browse Twitter I just slide open the keypad.

In order to slide in and out seamlessley the qwerty keypad needs to be completely flat. So whilst the keys are a reasonable size, they are not as tactile as my E63 and I miss the feel of the raised keys that I’ve got used to.

Would I buy a E75? Very tempting as I think I could overcome my hesitation about the qwerty keypad!

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