Truphone update

I had a quick catch up with Geraldine Wilson, CEO at Truphone, this morning to see what their plans are over the next few months. Now that Truphone supports multiple handset software platforms a lot of work is going into making the user experience and functionality as consistent as possible. This is a challenge because the different platforms provide varying degrees of access. Geraldine also assured me that Nokia S60 users have not been forgotten and we will be seeing more from Truphone here in the future. Truphone is very keen to use the handset app stores as a key route to market and the lack of a proper Nokia app store is a frustration for Truphone, as much as it is for us loyal S60 users.

Work is also progressing on tariffs and flat rate tariffs will be launched within a couple of  months to give users a choice of either per call pricing or fixed monthly charges. Truphone users who have multiple devices have found it frustrating to have to manage separate accounts for each device. This will be fixed shortly allowing a single Truphone account to support multiple handsets. As one of Voxbone’s iNum partners, Truphone is looking at how best to exploit the potential of iNum to support its aim of delivering products for customers with an international lifestyle. Expect to see more on this shortly.

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