– top customer service

One of the great things about having a blog is it gives me the opportunity to write about companies that deliver excellent customer service. Recently I switched all my domain names to Having pre-registered for a .tel domain (because my existing registrar isn’t supporting .tel), I thought I’d check out’s transfer in process and customer service. Both are excellent! Very efficient transfer process with no charge for transferring in domains. offers the usual control panel functionality which is standard stuff these days and back it up with great customer support by email and phone. I needed to check a couple of points and got much quicker answers than I’ve had in the past. Plus, the control panel is much more user friendly than the one I was used to, which was a bit of a mess! has picked up a good track record in the launches of new top level domains, having been rated in the top 3 registrars for the .me and .asia launches. Plus they have an expanding search engine consultancy business with the NHS and Axa among their clients. Interestingly, 25% of their domain name registrations are inbound transfers which suggests they’re doing something better than others!

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