Should Nokia stick to making handsets?

Nokia has made much of their move into software this year but so far I’ve been ‘under-whelmed’ by what I’ve seen. It all looks disjointed and I seem to now have more Nokia ‘accounts’ than I can shake a stick at! Part of the problem is the lack of a decent ‘app store’ on the handset. The download application seems to be a curious mess of random apps.

I’ve dipped in and out of various apps but nothing has caught my attention, apart from Nokia Email or Nokia Messaging as it’s now called. That worked well on my E51 and gave me a view of my email inbox on my home screen. Unfortunately I made the mistake of assuming that installing the new version, now it’s out of beta, would be a good idea. Having installed the software the setup returns the error ‘Unable to connect with the information provided. Please try again’. I’ve been trying for over a week! There’s no option for a manual setup so that’s that. Disappointment has changed to complete frustration. I guess it’s time to consign it to the dustbin of failed software apps.

I hope Nokia can bring some co-ordination to their software in 2009 and if they can help me sort out my email that would be good too. Nokia, if you’re listening, do get in touch via jonathan ‘at’

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