DeFi Mobile – new stuff on the way

Yesterday I had a chat with Jeff Rice, CEO of DeFi Mobile. I’ve blogged before about DeFi’s mobile VoIP service and am now using DeFi for most of my calling. We discussed some of the new stuff coming that will further enhance the service.

The voicemail platform will be fully localised for the UK by the end of November. Whilst I’m happy to use services in American English, many customers expect a localised service and how many callers in the UK will understand when they’re told to press the pound key!

At sign-up you choose a phone number with an area code for a town or city in your country of choice – I’ve got a 020 number for London which is fine because it’s fairly local to me. However if you put in a request to DeFi they will source a number in virtually any location worldwide; I’ve just requested one with my home area code. DeFi is adding to the default list all the time as customer demand highlights new areas.

A challenge at the moment is knowing in advance where you can use DeFi. This will become less of an issue as DeFi signs more agreements to create a ubiquitous WiFi layer in towns and cities, however DeFi will also be launching a software tool for identifying WiFi access points so you can easily check out coverage in locations you’re visiting. Rather than confuse customers by listing the names of underlying WiFi network partners, some of whose access points may not work seamlessly, DeFi’s ethos is to make it transparent which network is providing service and just make it available as ‘DeFi Global Access’.

DeFi’s hotspot access currently includes:

  • 50 global WiFi access point partners operating in more than 75 countries
  • 15,000 of the world’s most popular hotels
  • 120 top international airports
  • 11,000 restaurants and coffee shops
  • 240 convention centres
  • 7,000 shopping malls & public areas
  • 13 cities with wireless mesh coverage
  • 50 top marinas
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