Goodbye F-Secure Internet Security

I’ve been using F-Secure Internet Security 2008 for a while now on our PCs at home. It got good reviews and worked well for some months. But a couple of laptops started hanging with increasing frequency during the boot process. I tried various things – removing apps that started automatically, cleaning up the Registry. No improvement until I removed F-Secure Internet Security. Both laptops now boot quicker and never hang. I’m now using one of the free anti-virus products while I select a new security suite. Norton Internet Security 2009 has had some good reviews- apparently this version is much faster and less ‘bloated’  – so I may go for that one.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye F-Secure Internet Security”

  1. “Less bloated” implies “Still bloated” imho. Anyway, personally I would never install Norton. Bloatware-issues apart, I do not care about software that doesn’t have an uninstaller. (Or maybe this new one finally has this very very advanced feature built in, who knows… I’ve been using Zone Alarm Suite for years. Not one issue until now. So yeah, in spite of what people say about it (Still don’t get that), I’d recommend it. The AV inside is Kaspersky. Works well. No bloatware, no hangs. Anyway, the decision is obviously yours so…good luck!


  2. I used Zone Alarm Security Suite before F-Secure, until that screwed up a PC. They all have their drawbacks I think because of the level they operate at. Thanks for the feedback.


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