Nokia 6220 Classic

The team at Nokia WOM World sent me a 6220 to have a look at. My initial reaction when I tried to put my SIM in and then remove it is this is not a handset for SIM swappers. It took a toothpick and a pair of tiny tweezers to gently extricate my SIM from the slot!

However, on to the good stuff. This handset has the two features that I would most like to have on my E51 – a 5MP camera with flash and A-GPS. Whilst the E51 is a great handset overall, next time these features will be a must. Finding this high spec functionality outside the N Series indicates that Nokia is starting to see decent cameras and GPS as ‘standard’ features and not just features for the top end.

I could be tempted by the 6220 except for one significant ommission from the feature set – WiFi and VoIP support. WiFi is a must for me to enable the use of Truphone or DeFi. I’m no longer prepared to rely on the vagaries of 3G / GSM coverage and tariffs!

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