Rebtel & O2 Germany

So O2 Germany has decided to block Rebtel’s access numbers. When will the mobile operators learn they have to develop and adapt to meet the new competition?

How about doing something really radical like cutting their international rates and competing head-to-head with people like Rebtel and Truphone? Ah! But that would mean cannibalising too much existing revenue.

Not a good time to be seen to be making life more expensive for customers. I’m sure Viviane Reding and the EU will take a keen interest …

2 thoughts on “Rebtel & O2 Germany”

  1. Is it legally correct on part of O2 to block these numbers? If these VOIP service providers are doing anything unlawful then why do the operators not lodge a complaint with the concerned authorities against them? I wonder why the consumers and the VOIP operators do not file a lawsuit against O2 Germany.


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