Spam and malware

This week I’ve received a spate of spam messages purporting to be delivering links to online greetings cards. Seems timely to remember not to open any message or attachment from senders you don’t recognise and never click on links in emails. Nothing new there but important to remember.

Although most spam email purporting to come from a bank or similar is easily recognised as bogus, an additional check I use is to use a unique email address for every organisation I deal with, for example the name of said organisation @ my domain name. It’s not 100% foolproof but the likelihood of receiving a bogus email from your bank, addressed to the unique address is slim. One interesting spin-off from this system is you can whose been lax with the email address you’ve given them. Surprisingly how often a unique email address suddenly pops up in unrelated spam!

Personally I tend to delete many attachments and ignore greetings card links even from people I know because of the possibility their email address may have been compromised and is being used for malware spam.

Remember all is not as it seems online.

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