Jonathan Jensen on Thursday – What’s on your mind?

Last Thursday’s post from Mobile Industry Review – the new name for SMS Text News.
Over the past few months I’ve written about areas and issues that intrigue and sometimes irritate me. This week I’m going to ask you some questions.
What is it that you like about the mobile industry and what do you hate? I’ve written about what mobiles mean to me and to Normobs but what do they mean to you, whether you’re a geek or a Normob?
Overall, are you satisfied with the deal you get from your operator? Is the tariff good value? What about their billing? Are your bills simple, clear and accurate? Do you receive a combined landline, broadband and mobile bill? 
What about the service itself? Is coverage good or do you perceive your friends on other networks as having better coverage? Do you use 3G or GSM coverage & do you manually select one or other, depending on where you are and what you’re doing, to get a more consistent service?
How do you feel about handsets? Are they reliable? How often do you buy a new one? Are you a Nokia fan? Were you over or underwhelmed by the launch of the iPhone and did it really change the market? In my view it made smartphones ‘Normob ready’ but is that a little unfair?
Moving to roaming, most people would agree the operators have been having a good time at our expense for too long. With the honourable exception of 3 Like Home, it’s taken EU intervention to start to bring prices down but there’s a long way to go. What about a Vodafone or an Orange or a T-Mobile ‘Like Home’ offering? They each have multi country networks. Should there be more regulation or should the market be allowed to determine pricing?
How well does the mobile web work for you? If you’re a social networker does it help you connect with your friends and family? Do you shop from your handset?
Will mobile VoIP make a difference to you or will it remain of marginal interest for the foreseeable future? How successful will the big operators be in keeping it niche by disabling the functionality in their locked handsets? Does VoIP really have the potential to change the mobile market in terms of price and functionality?
And lastly, if you had one mobile wish, what is the top thing you would like to change?
A lot of questions but I’m very keen to hear what you think!
Please comment below or if you prefer you can email me – jonathan at (replace the at with @).

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