S60 themes

If you have a Nokia handset there’s a good chance it runs the S60 software. This includes N Series, E Series, plus some of the 6xxx series handsets. I’ve blogged before about the versatility of S60 and one of the great features is the ability to change the themes. This means changing the colour, style, icons, fonts etc of the wallpaper and menus on your phone to something personal and different, via the selection of a different theme. Handsets come with a few pre-installed themes but they don’t tend to be very interesting. It’s much better to download new themes from the web.

My favourite site for free themes is Pizero Symbian Design. The site has a great selection of different themes with new ones appearing all the time. What I particularly like about these themes is that they ‘work’ consistently well. Some themes look good but when you install them you find that some of the colour contrasts are poor and you can’t read some of the text.

One tip to note is that you will need to change your handset settings to accept unsigned applications. This is normally found via – Tools, Settings, Applications, Application Manager, Software Installation, All (change from signed only).

Soft Black is one of my Pizero favourites.

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