Mobile coverage

Am I the only one that’s fed up with flaky and variable mobile coverage? After 23 years of mobile service in the UK, I expect the networks to have sorted out coverage. In-building coverage can be very flaky and even in heavily populated regions of the UK like the South East, there are significant gaps in coverage. Other gaps include no mobile coverage on the London Underground and variable service on regular trains (Vodafone and Virgin are now doing something here).

Femtocells are now on the agenda of most of the UK networks. These are ‘mini’ cells that will provide good in-building coverage and route your calls & data traffic over your home or office broadband. It remains to be seen how Femtocells will be marketed and what they will cost but they could transform service for people who struggle with their mobiles at home.

What we need is more infrastructure and cost sharing to fill in the gaps and provide better coverage across the UK. Competition should be about pricing and products, not about where your phone will work.

What do you think?

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