I’ve been using Pinger for a while now to send voice messages to people. It’s great for the times when you don’t want or need to actually speak to someone but want to send them a more personal or longer message (up to 5 minutes) than texting will allow. You call the Pinger number, enter the mobile number or say the name of the person you want to contact, record the message and send. The other party receives a text message with a local number to call to hear your message. Also works with groups of people, so makes it much cheaper than texting for contacting several people.

Pinger works with all mobile phones and there’s nothing to download.

If you often text people overseas then Pinger lets you message them for for the cost of a local call – much cheaper than international texting.

The Pinger number in the UK is a London 020 number so it comes out of your mobile bundle – effectively making it free to call – and there are no other charges.

The UK Pinger UK number is 020 3051 0982 and there are local numbers in many other countries.

Watch the video for more info.

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