I’ve previously commented on Rebtel & how it’s a great way to make international calls using your inclusive mobile minutes. If you haven’t already started using Rebtel there’s never been a better time. Rebtel are currently running a promotion which triples your first payment, e.g. a $10 top-up gives you $30.

Rebtel is also a great way to make cheap international calls from a landline.

3 thoughts on “Rebtel”

  1. Rebtel might have been great before, but not good anymore. It ripped off me and my friends. More importantly it has damaged image of Internet serives, at least to me and my friends.One of my friends in Vienna, Austria just received his highest phone bill ever, 95 Euro, for “calls to New Zealand.” (I live in New Zealand.)He has never called New Zealand directly. He used Rebtel number I sent him. It looks like a Vienna local number, 01 253 892 101. The calls were supposed to be free according to his calling plan. Instead he was charged 95 Euro for those “local calls” at international rate!How could a Vienna number show up as a New Zealand number on his phone bill? Is this a spam? Does the CEO have any ideas what’s happening?I have searched on Internet and found out I am not the only victom! Now the question is how to stop Rebtel so that it won’t keep ripping off inocent people! (Please correct me, and tell me I am wrong.)


  2. Dear XiaoMa,My name is Alex and I work at Rebtel. With all due respect, I think you are wrong in your statement. I’m truly sorry that you and your friend haven’t had the best possible experience with our service. On that note I would like to give you my personal guarantee that we are not in any way, shape or form cheating our users. As your friend received a phone bill from his carrier, we as the provider of the international leg of the call, have nothing to gain from this. The mystery, if you will, really lies in that your friend got charged on the rate to New Zealand and not on the rate of a local Austrian call. I would really appreciate if you could get me in touch with your friend in Austria so we could have a look at his call history and possibly ask him to get in touch with operator. My email is alexander [dot] drewniak [at] rebtel [dot] com Thanks for bringing this to our attention.Best regards, Alex


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