TalkPlus has just soft launched their service in the UK. You can now sign up for a UK (London) number. TalkPlus is one of a new breed of Voice 2.0 providers moving control to the customer from the network. To understand the power of the service you really need to try it.

Features include:

  • A second number on your existing mobile, maybe to keep personal or business calls separate
  • Outgoing calls at rates much lower than regular mobile rates
  • Incoming calls can ring multiple phones simultaneously
  • Mirror number so you can present the CLI of another of your lines, e.g. your landline, on your outgoing calls
  • Call screening so you can listen in as callers leave voice mails
  • Visual voice mail so you can see the list of voice mails on your handset before listening to them
  • Ability to transfer calls to another line mid conversation

The website is still US centric & you have to dig down to find the UK info but it’s a very neat service and works on a variety of handsets. I’m using the Nokia S60 version which integrates very well on my E65.

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