Revo Uninstaller

Yesterday I decided to remove some software that I no longer needed on my PC. It was stuff from Creative that I had to install a while back to make an old MP3 player work. No longer need to connect the player to the PC so time to remove the software. The software installed as a bunch of separate applications so I started working through them and on the second application the uninstall program failed with some incomprehensible errors.

I remembered that a while back I installed Revo Uninstaller on my PC having read a good review of it. I’d never got around to using it but this seemed like a good time. I fired it up, highlighted the first of the ‘rogue’ applications and selected the uninstall option. First off it scanned the PC for all files and registry entries connected to the application and then it launched the standard Creative software uninstaller. Predictably the uninstaller failed, at which point I had the option to ask Revo Uninstaller to manually finish the job. Revo then removed the application by deleting all relevant files and registry entries. I guess that approach means it will always be able to remove programs even if the uninstaller fails. Brilliant job! Great bit of software!

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