Mobile roaming

MAXroam has just launched its new SIM card that slashes the cost of calls when roaming.

How does it work?

1. Buy a MAXroam SIM.
2. Go to the MAXroam activation page and pick your local number.
3. Insert your MAXroam SIM into any unlocked GSM mobile phone.
4. Switch on your phone and wait about 90 seconds.
5. GO!


* MAXroam is €29.99 (includes €5 initial calling credit).
* When you first sign up you can choose a phone number for your SIM in the USA, France, UK or Ireland free of charge. You can add as many as 50 numbers to your SIM from any of the following countries.
* If you are from the US you can get free call forwarding from the Web to any number worldwide.
* Full online voicemail. If MAXroam customers miss a call, MAXroam sends a text message informing the customer the number that called and if the caller left a voicemail.
* If you don’t have an unlocked phone MAXroam offers mobile handset unlocking.
* You can check your balance and top up on the web, or directly from your mobile phone using a pin code, credit card or scratch card.
* From the MAXroam SIM menu with you can manage your account.

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