I’ve persevered with ZYB but now have to officially give it the thumbs down. It’s just managed to lose over a hundred of my contacts. It failed to upload them during a sync and then deleted them from the handset on the next sync. Fortunately I had a copy of them in Outlook, otherwise they would have been gone forever. I have raised the issue, plus some other bugs I’ve spotted, with ZYB but no one’s bothered to respond. Clearly, losing a customer’s data doesn’t rate highly on the company’s radar!

3 thoughts on “ZYB”

  1. We regret that you have had a bad experience with ZYB. We try to answer all support requests within 24 hours and mostly succeed doing so. You wrote to us a couple of days ago, and yesterday you received our request for some further info. Once we got the info, we then investigated your problem and you received our full answer earlier today. We would have liked to be able to answer you earlier, but at times we need some extra time to investigate. Hopefully you’ll find our explanation to your problem usefull.ZYB Support


  2. I raised several support requests some months ago & never received a response. I think you must be confusing me with someone else as I never received a request for further info yesterday & therefore couldn’t have provided any!


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