Mobiles on 3

If you are in the UK and looking for a new mobile phone contract, 3 has some great deals at the moment. For £15 per month you either get 250 minutes and 50 texts (£15 Talker) or 75 minutes and 600 texts (£15 Texter) plus a free handset. According to 3’s website these deals are only available until 30 September and market rumours suggest they will be replaced with tariffs that don’t include free handsets. I’ve just taken out two Texter contracts for the family with Nokia 6120 Classic handsets. The 6120 is a great Series 60 smartphone – good features, small size.

Other features I like about 3 include:

  • Online account management via your PC or handset to keep an eye on usage and expenditure
  • 3’s web portal – Planet 3 – has some good content and there are no data charges unless you break out onto the Internet
  • Very competitive roaming charges
  • X-Series flat rate data tariffs
  • Windows Live Messenger

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