Truphone InTones

Another cool feature from Truphone! Truphone has just launched customisable ringing sounds for your callers. Now you can choose the sound your callers hear from a selection of Truphone created sounds.

Core facts

  1. The choice of InTones is: Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Hip-hop, Ska, Disco, Euro house, Standard (plain ‘ring-ring’), Truphone
  2. InTones are played by the Truphone servers before the call is connected. This means there is never any associated cost for either the caller or callee. It is similar to hold music, but without any cost.
  3. The Truphone InTone heard by callers can be changed easily (or turned off) via the customer’s account page at
  4. The Truphone InTones are original compositions commissioned by Truphone from professional media and music consultants Nik Goodman and Dan McGrath, who specialise in TV and radio.
  5. Anyone with a suitable handset can get Truphone by sending an SMS with the word ‘Tru’ to +44 7624 000000.


James Tagg, Truphone’s chief executive officer, said:

  • “Truphone InTones use the Internet to bring an enjoyable and free service to customers, typifying Truphone’s fresh approach to mobile communications.”

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