Protect your Nokia if you lose it

has just launched a software application for Nokia handsets that lets you remotely lock the handset via SMS if you lose it. Just send a preset code to the handset and it’s instantly disabled. There are two levels of lock – Lite lets you prevent any calls or SMS being made, Max completely locks the handset and prevents any functions being used, including access to your contacts. When you find your handset just enter your security code to access the handset.

Quick feature summary below:

Key Benefits

  • Protects your privacy by locking access to your mobile phone.
  • Protects your content and sensitive data stored on the handset or memory card. For example contacts, pictures, text messages, emails, passwords.
  • Can help eliminate your financial liability to mobile networks, by preventing unauthorised use such as outgoing voice calls, SMS, mobile Internet.
  • Protects the handset from use by unauthorised SIM cards – whether the handset is locked or not.
  • Assists in the prevention of identity theft.

General features

  • Easily activated.
  • Works on any network anywhere in the world.
  • The phone can be easily restored to its original settings if you find your phone.

Specific features – there are 2 types of Lock:

Max Lock – when you believe your phone has been lost or stolen and want total peace of mind

  • Blocks all incoming and outgoing activity such as calls, SMS, Mobile Internet activity
  • Disables the screen
  • Disables the keypad
  • Encrypts the memory card

Lite lock – If you have misplaced your phone and want to recover it by calling the phone

  • Blocks all outgoing activity such as calls, SMS, Mobile Internet activity
  • Allows incoming calls & SMS
  • Encrypts the memory card

The Process

  • Upon installing the application you set a personal private 6 digit PIN which is used to open, activate, de-activate and uninstall the application.
  • Upon loss or theft of the handset you text your personal 6 digit PIN number to your mobile number to activate a max or lite lock.
  • If a different SIM card is inserted into the handset a max lock is automatically activated – whether or not the handset has been remotely locked.

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