More about Truphone

The Truphone user night was a great opportunity to meet the Truphone team. Another example of how open and honest the company is and I hope the first of many such occasions. There’s some good stuff to come from Truphone and they’re certainly a company to watch. Keep an eye on the Truphone blog for new developments.

Truphone’s ability to seamlessly roam onto The Cloud’s wireless hotspots is very impressive. I’ve used it on The Cloud’s City of London mesh network recently with good results. What really makes it work for me is the way (after initially running the Truphone wizard) my Nokia handset will automatically register with the network with no requirement to enter login credentials. Another example of how Truphone seamlessly integrates with the handset. People just want a simple. straightforward calling experience – no separate application to launch, no codes to remember – and Truphone does this.

Interesting article in today’s Sunday Times about the threat that VoIP poses to the mobile operators.

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