Spyware Doctor 5.0 – beware!

If you get a message to download the new version of Spyware Doctor, my advice is don’t. Yesterday I updated to version 5.0 on two PCs and both experienced the same problem. Very, very slow to start Windows and as soon as the Desktop appears the Remote Procedure Call service forces a system shutdown. The Taskbar never appeared at the bottom of the Desktop so I couldn’t run System Restore. I tried Safe Boot & Safe Boot with Command Line prompt so I could run System Restore from the Command Line. None of these worked.

Eventually I worked out a solution:

  1. Bring up the Windows Task Manager (via Ctrl-Alt-Del)
  2. Select File, New Task (Run)
  3. Enter ‘shutdown -a’ in the Create New Task dialogue box, when the System Shutdown dialogue box appears (and each time it appears as it will probably keep coming back)
  4. In the Create New Task dialogue box enter ‘control’ to bring up the Control Panel
  5. Select Add or Remove Programs
  6. Remove Spyware Doctor 5.0
  7. Reboot

The PC then rebooted okay. I just had to resize the Taskbar & reselect my toolbars. Otherwise everything seems fine. If I can find out what caused this problem I’ll post an update.

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