GrandCentral – the future of telephony?

launched recently in the States. It provides one number that rings all your phones so you never miss a call again. Take a look at this video on the New York Times website to get an idea of what it offers.

Although only available in the States and Canada at the moment it gives a view of what’s possible and what we can expect in the UK soon.

These are some of the great features you get with GrandCentral.

  • One number for life
  • Pick a number that will not change when you move or change jobs
  • Customizable ring tones for callers
  • Upload MP3s to play to callers instead of the standard ring
  • Customize by caller
  • Pick phones to ring, greetings to play and music to hear based on who is calling
  • Listen in on voicemail
  • Listen in on messages from any phone before answering
  • Block callers
  • Block telemarketers or annoying callers
  • Voicemail everywhere
  • Get voicemail online, through the phone or via email
  • Screen Your calls
  • Know who is calling every time, even for blocked numbers
  • Switch phones mid-call
  • Switch from mobile to office or home without callers being aware
  • Voicemail storage
  • Voicemail messages saved online for life

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